What do Jeopardy! and The Princeton Festival have in common?

New Jeopardy! Hall of Famer James Holzhauer has become an overnight celebrity through his aggressive betting strategy and astounding breadth of knowledge.

But what’s that got to do with The Princeton Festival???

Neal Zoren, whose byline many will recognize from performing arts reviews in U.S.1 and other Princeton-area news outlets, points out in a recent article for the Delaware County Daily Times:

No one on the “Jeopardy!” panel last week knew the question that goes with an answer about starring with Margaret Sullavan in the 1940 movie “The Shop Around the Corner.” I could have gotten one question away from Holzhauer. The answer, is obvious – James Stewart.

Of course, it helps if “The Shop Around the Corner” eventually morphs into your favorite musical of all time, “She Loves Me,” which, by the way, will be done by the Princeton Festival as one of its offerings next month.

In fact, we will be screening the movie “The Shop Around the Corner” on Tuesday, June 25 at 7:00 pm at the Princeton Public Library. BYOP(opcorn) to this free event!

And a word to the wise – tickets for our production of She Loves Me are selling briskly, with the first Sunday matinee already sold out. Please don’t delay in purchasing your tickets … the limited seating in the black box theater provides a wonderfully intimate experience but nearly every performance will eventually sell out!