Miller Chapel

Miller Chapel

Princeton Theological Seminary
64 Mercer Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Miller Chapel has been in continuous use by the Princeton Seminary’s community since it was completed in 1834. Designed by local architect Charles Steadman, the original building has been renovated four times – in 1874, 1933, 1964 and most recently in 2000. Its warm, clear acoustics make it a perfect environment for Princeton Festival performances.


Free parking is available throughout the Princeton Theological Seminary Campus, with the primary parking structure a 5-10 minute walk from Miller Chapel.


An elevator serving grade, basement (and restrooms), and first-floor levels is accessed from outside of the building at street level, on the left side as you face the chapel. Inside the chapel, all pews on the first floor are accessible without steps; a staircase provides the only access to the balcony in this historic building.

Please contact our ticketing office at (609) 759-1979 in advance to reserve a wheelchair space (with companion seating), or let the house staff know of your needs when you arrive. (Please try to arrive at least 40 minutes before the performance.)