Profile of Kathak dancer Jin Won in U.S.1

Read Robert Johnson’s profile article in U.S.1 about dancer Jin Won, who is the choreographer and featured dancer in our Indian music and dance program this Saturday, June 27th at 8pm in McCarter’s Berlind Theatre. He writes:

In “Pradhanica” — the name derives from the Hindi word for “leader” and implies “master of rhythm” — Won says she takes an innovative approach to an ancient art that began evolving into its present form during the 16th century in India’s Mughal courts.

While building steadily toward a musical climax, the program is divided into three parts. In the first part, Won says she aims for musical continuity rather than passing from one short, rhythmic composition, or “tukra,” to the next.

The second part of the program adapts a common theme of Indian dance representing different emotional states, or “rasas.” Yet Won says she will attempt to illustrate joy, sorrow, anger, and peace without employing symbolic gestures or miming a story. “What I learned from Guru-ji is everything is a vibration. So every emotion has its own vibration,” she says, promising to communicate by means of rhythm and body movement alone.

Two of Won’s Kathak dance students will join her in the final portion of the program, which she says is the most traditional, although “presented in a modern way.

“It has new flavor and a lively feel to it,” Won says, describing this finale. Did we mention that in addition to the traditional Indian tabla and sitar, the musicians will play an African djembe drum, and a Latin American cajon?”


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