Peter Grimes audience raves on social media after opening night

Social media is buzzing with comments, both about our opening night performance and about the story of Peter Grimes. Two more performances – Thursday June 23 at 7:30pm and Sunday June 26 at 3pm. Call 609.258.2787 or go online to purchase tickets!

“Well sung, well performed, and a beautiful work.” – Daniel T.

“An opera as stunning as Peter Grimes can almost make you forget about Mozart.” – Scott Burnham (Princeton professor and Mozart expert)

“Very gripping performances!” – Grant B.

“The plot: after a trajedy, everyone in town makes a rash judgement about whom to blame. Glad that does not happen in real life!” – David C.

Many patrons have also written to us with their compliments –

“Twas an excellent performance. Dark and unsettling. The story brought to mind the mob psychology prevalent in much of the USA and world political scene.” – Ralph

“I for one was mesmerized – and not bored for one minute. It was an unbelievable experience… a dramatic display of human wickedness which leads Peter Crimes to despair.” – Elisabeth

“I … found the last scene (with the repeated chant of the chorus in the distance) quite moving.” – Inge

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