Lully Dance Challenge

Dance with The Princeton Festival!

The talented Mary Pat Robinson has choreographed a short dance for us, set to a lovely recording of Jean-Baptiste Lully’s “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme”, performed by The Princeton Festival Baroque Orchestra.

Now it’s your turn to try! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to record your own dance.

On a smartphone (easiest)

Simply press play on the video and have someone record you on your phone—or set your phone down somewhere sturdy and record yourself!

On a Mac

Open QuickTime player and go to File -> New Movie Recording. When you’re ready, press the record button and then press play on our video.

On a PC

Launch the Camera application (press the Windows button on the keyboard and search for “camera”). When you’re ready, hit record and press play on our video.

Upload your video below or send it to We can edit out any part of the beginning or end for you and include it in our compilation video!

UPLOAD your video