Interview with our Richard and Pat Nixon

Opera Metro conducted an in depth interview with Sean Anderson and Rainelle Kraus, who sing the roles of Richard Nixon and Pat Nixon in our productions of Nixon in China. We think you’ll be fascinated by the thoughtfulness and insight provided by these talented singers!

As a teaser, here’s a summary of Opera Metro’s well-directed questions and you can read the entire interview here

  • Tell me about the preparation you each did for your roles.
  • Tell us about singing Pat/Richard. What is the role like vocally?
  • What are some of your current staples?
  • Tell me about the challenges you face with [John Adams’] music.
  • How do you create a character in an opera like this?
  • What is, for you and/or your character, the most emotionally touching moment in the opera and why does (or should) this moment resonate with audiences? Perhaps put into words how the composer and librettist build to the moment.
  • Act III of the opera has considerably more introspection than the first two acts, Pat’s aria in Act II notwithstanding. What new aspects of your characters and their relationship are revealed?
  • Are there lessons to be learned?
  • Lastly, tell the readers briefly what you do when you’re not on stage or in rehearsal, hobbies, interests, favorite Impressionist artist, favorite binge watching experiences. Whatever. The humanizing sort of stuff.

And don’t miss seeing Rainelle singing Queen of the Night … upside down on aerial silks! No wonder this video from a rehearsal in New Orleans just went viral – check it out at!