What are the Fidelio critics saying?

It's a wrap!

Danielle Talamantes (Marzelline) & Michael Kuhn (Jaquino); photo by Jessi Franko Designs, LLC

(L-R) Marcy Stonikas (Leonore/Fidelio), Noah Baetge (Florestan), Gustav Andreassen (Rocco), Cameron Jackson (Don Fernando), Joseph Barron (Don Pizarro)

(L-R) Marcy Stonikas (Leonore/Fidelio), Noah Baetge (Florestan), Gustav Andreassen (Rocco), Cameron Jackson (Don Fernando), Joseph Barron (Don Pizarro); photo by Jessi Franko Designs, LLC


The reviews are in following our opening performance of Beethoven’s Fidelio on Sunday June 18th. We knew that the audience loved it, as evidenced by their prolonged standing ovation, and we are delighted that the critics are enthusiastic as well!

Here’s what the reviews are saying –

“There were no less-than-superb performances by any of the cast. … The orchestra, under the direction of Richard Tang Yuk … was really excellent. The entire production certainly fulfills the high expectations we have come to have of Princeton Festival programs… .” [Do read the review for a wonderful summary of the political challenges the opera faced from 1805 through 1955.] –Toby Grace, outinjersey.net, 6/12/17

“… a compelling and musically astute take on this vital work … Jonathan Dahm Robertson’s effective prison set creates a world of existential darkness, supported by Norman Coates’ unforgiving lighting … the glorious prisoner’s chorus [presents] some of the most beautiful choral music in the entirety of opera.” –Cameron Kelsall, talkinbroadway.com, 6/19/17

“… one of the most moving and startling and thrilling experiences I’ve ever had. My first encounter with Fidelio was at the Met in 1970, with Jon Vickers as Florestan. It was a memorable evening, but I really think that what you … gave us yesterday was even better.” –John Logan in a congratulatory note to Richard Tang Yuk, 6/19/17

“The two leads, [Marcy] Stonikas and {Noah] Baetge, excel. … The Princeton Festival Chorus [exhibits] impeccable musicianship, nimble movement, and the kind of presence that conveys the authors’ and composer’s highest ideals. … [Conductor Richard] Tang Yuk includes the ‘Leonore #3 Overture’ … almost like a bonus (you go to an opera, you get a second overture for free).” –Linda Holt, Broad Street Review, 6/19/17

“… easily the most powerfully moving version of the opera I have ever experienced. I thought it was brilliant to stage both overtures; it really added a lot to the story, both factually and emotionally. … The musical performance was stirring throughout … you and [director] Steven [LaCosse] showed Beethoven at his best.” –Scott Burnham, Princeton University music professor emeritus, in a congratulatory note to Richard Tang Yuk, 6/10/17

“… time flew by for the audience, thanks to imaginative staging and directing, as well as superlative singing and instrumental playing.” –Nancy Plum, Town Topics, 6/21/17

“The soloists are stunning performers. … Richard Tang Yuk conducts The Princeton Festival Orchestra with passion. … The Princeton Festival Opera Chorus is an amazing assemblage of talent, adding much strength to the production. … Fidelio might not be as well-known as the most popular operas, but this particular production will climb up your list of favorites. It’s significant, modern, relatable, and entertaining. This is a powerful production, not to be missed!” –Robin Berkel, princetonfound.com, 6/21/17

“[In a] splendid and seamlessly updated production … the performers are uniformly outstandng. Choruses of townspeople and prisoners add depth….” –Elaine Strauss, U.S.1./princetoninfo.com, 6/21/17

“… a smashing producton not to be missed. … Altogether, the brilliant staging, a fine orchestra, and visually arresting sets make for a most satisfying experience. … It’s just fabulous.” –Bob Brown, The Princeton Packet/centraljersey.com, 6/22/17

“Overall, with this Fidelio Princeton Festival extends a string of remarkably accomplished and successful operas – an impressive achievement.” –Andrew Moravcsik, Opera Today, 7/5/17

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