An Education & Community Engagement program

Lecture  |  An Opera Composer’s Approach to Storytelling

Andrew Lovett

Composer and Research Specialist
Princeton University


Tuesday June 5 at 7 pm

Princeton Public Library
65 Witherspoon Street, Princeton


free and open to the public

Co-sponsored by The Princeton Public Library

It’s often said that opera composers tell stories in music. But what does this mean and how do we (try to) do that? Music has no direct narrative powers. And yet we feel that in the most successful operas, it is precisely the combination of vocal music and instrumental music that structures and reveals the deeper story. What kind of story can music tell? And how do we turn that kind of story into a convincing combination of music and theater? What is special about the genre of comic opera? Why should we try to make people laugh, and what does that help us understand about opera in general?

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Andrew LovettAndrew Lovett

Andrew Lovett’s work is mostly focused on opera (“music-theater”) often combined with electronics. His particular area of interest is very-small scale opera and music theater. This ranges from pieces for solo voice through pieces for single voice with electronics to full-scale operas with chamber ensemble. Andrew Lovett’s comic opera The Analysing Engine was performed in the Wallace Theater at Princeton University in November 2017.

Lovett has taught at Princeton since 2009, and before that at Cambridge University, Anglia Ruskin University, and Trinity College of Music, London.