Matt Middleton Organ Recital

Matt Middleton Organ Recital

Tune in today for Dr. Matt Middleton’s fantastic organ recital from The Princeton Festival’s 2013 season.

The Princeton Festival · Matt Middleton Organ Recital


This program was originally performed in the Princeton University Chapel on the Acolian-Skinner Organ.


Transcription of the Introduction & Fugue from the Cantata “Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis,” BWV 21, of J. S. Bach
Franz Liszt (1811–1886)

Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. 65, no. 4
Felix Mendelssohn (1809–1847)

Six Studies for Organ, Op. 56, no. 4 “Innig”
Robert Schumann (1810–1856)

Festmusik aus den Meistersingern, transcribed and arr. for organ by Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Richard Wagner (1813–1883)

12 Miscellanies for Organ, Op. 174, no. 5 “Agitato” and no. 6 “Improvisation”
Josef Rheinberger (1839–1901)

Sonata in C Minor on the 94th Psalm
Julius Reubke (1834–1858)


Event Details

Saturday, June 6


Dr. Mattilda Kay Middleton

International performer, educator, and administrator, Dr. Mattilda Kay Middleton has conducted choirs and chamber orchestras, performed on piano, organ, and harpsichord, studied, taught, and appeared as soloist with university and civic symphony orchestras throughout the U.S., Europe, and Middle East. She has worked at churches and cathedrals in England, Egypt, the West Bank, Texas, and Indiana, and is currently the Organist/Choirmaster of The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd in Lexington, Kentucky.