“Beyond Broadway” Lecture

“Beyond Broadway” Lecture

“Beyond Broadway: The Pleasure and Promise of Musical Theater Across America.” That’s the full title of Professor Stacy Wolf’s lecture, created and recorded especially for The Princeton Festival’s “Virtually Yours” season. 

Most people, when they think of musicals, envision the bright lights of Broadway and the national tours of revenue juggernauts. That’s far from the whole story. The cultural impact of musical theater is much more widespread. Professor Wolf presents a fascinating account of its importance for local, community, and high school musical productions, based on her own travels around the country to visit such performances.

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Thursday, June 18

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Stacy Wolf

Stacy Wolf is one of America’s foremost scholars on musical theatre. She is Professor of Theater at Princeton, Director of Fellowships, and Director of Princeton’s new Program in Music Theater. She also has experience as a director and dramaturg. Wolf is a 2017 Guggenheim Fellow and recently received a 2017 President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching at Princeton University.