Advertise With Us

Advertise in our program book starting at 1¢ per book

Every June we distribute nearly 5,000 copies of our program book to a broad local audience with interests and discretionary income attractive to local businesses.

Our rates range from $50 for one-line business listings to $600 for an interior full-page ad. Our most popular sizes are ¼ page vertical (2.375” W x 3.875” H) for $275 and ½ page horizontal (5” W x 3.875” H) for $400. Please inquire about availability if you’re interested in the full-page back cover or the inside front or back covers.

Download our Ad Handout 2020 and submit your ad online using the form below – the deadline for artwork is May 1, 2020. Unsure of how large to make your artwork, with or without bleed? Feel free to reference our size guide here.

Questions? Please email us at

To submit an ad, please complete this form — including payment and online submission of your artwork — by Friday, May 1, 2020. You will receive an automated confirmation email shortly and we will contact you if there are any design issues. (If you don’t receive the automated confirmation, please check your spam folders before emailing us at