The Princeton Festival (TPF) is fully committed to ensuring that accessibility guidelines and requirements of the ADA Act, as set forth by the Federal Government and State of New Jersey, are implemented throughout our organization.

TPF works to make the arts accessible for people with disabilities and continues to strive to provide this special accommodation with personalized attention.

To achieve this, TPF annually trains its staff and volunteers to ensure sensitive and personalized communication in providing accommodation for members of the community with disabilities.

TPF does not discriminate with regard to employment of persons with disabilities in both artistic and administrative areas. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply as performing artists, designers, directors, technical and administrative staff.

TPF reviews its policies and procedures annually, to accommodate and address any issues that may arise in regard to accessibility.

To find accessibility information for our performance venues, please start at our Venues webpage to read about the specific venue.

To request accommodation at any of our events, please call (609) 759-0379 or e-mail our General Director at [email protected]


We look forward to serving you at the Princeton Festival.
The Princeton Festival team