2020 Princeton Festival Gala

This event has been postponed until fall 2020.

A Masked Ball

Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 6 pm

Springdale Golf Club
1895 Clubhouse Drive
Princeton, NJ 08540

Register online

Registration Deadline: April 10th
Venetian Style Wardrobe and Masks Encouraged

Come celebrate the 16th season of The Princeton Festival with cocktails, fabulous hors d’oeuvres, silent auction with music, delicious dinner, entertainment, and dancing!

This popular event provides important support for our 2020 season. The following sponsorship and registration levels are available:

  • Arlecchino Sponsor – $10,000; $8,250 deductible
    VIP Table for 10
  • Columbina Sponsor – $8,000; $6,600 deductible
    VIP Table for 8
  • Pantalone Sponsor – $6,000; $4,950 deductible
    VIP Table for 6
  • Moretta Sponsor – $1,000; $825 deductible
    One VIP Ticket
  • Bauta Sponsor – $500; $325 deductible
    One Patron Ticket
  • Pulcinella Donor – $250; $75 deductible
    One Donor Ticket
  • Volto – $75; $25 deductible
    Cocktail Hour Only

We look forward to seeing you on April 18th to celebrate our 16th season in style!


In the meantime, here are some fun facts about the different kind of Venetian masks…

Arlecchino: a half-mask typically made of leather, formed into a mischievous, devilish expression.

Columbina: a half-mask, highly decorated and named, it is said, for an actress who did not wish to entirely cover her beauty.

Pantalone: a half-mask with exaggerated features such as bushy eyebrows and a long, hooked nose.

Moretta: a full mask of black velvet used exclusively by women, kept in place by biting a small button in the center, requiring the wearer to be silent. Thus the mask’s other name: ‘muta.’

Bauta: a traditional, gilded mask that covers the whole face. Obligatory attire for any citizen who wished to participate in the anonymous political meetings of 18th century Venice.

Pulcinella: a half-mask of brown or black leather with a long, crooked nose, signifying the comical and stalwart personality of one of the most popular characters in Venetian puppetry.

Volto: a traditional Venetian half-mask of white wax cloth, highly popular in a number of settings.


Donate an item to our auction

We invite you to donate an item or service to our auction to add to the fun! (Your donation is deductible to the full extent allowed by law; please consult with your tax advisor for details.) If you are interested, contact [email protected]


Gala Committee Chairs

Mira Alden
Pamela Bristol
Jean Brown
Bobette Lister
Janet Perkins

Gala Committee Members

Katherine Dresdner
Courtney Fallon
Michael Fedor
Harry Fini
Janie Hermann
Catherine Judd Hirsch
Susan Hoover
Gail Kohn
Marlene Lucchesi
Elin Ludvigsen
Caroline Pallat
Kerry Perretta
Alissa Poh
Fern Slom
Judy Stelian
Cat Swiderski
Coleen Swiderski
Palmer Uhl
Diane Uniman
Carol Wojciechowicz

Gala Advisory Committee

Marcia Bossart
Helene Kulsrud
Anastasia Marty
Susan Rhoda-Hansen