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Audience reactions to Peter Grimes

Alex Richardson as Peter Grimes (photo by Jessi Franko)

Peter Grimes audience raves on social media after opening night

A-TEAM Exhibit

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2016 Piano Competition Winners

Congratulations to the Piano Competition winners!

Bill Lockwood

A special note from Bill Lockwood

Professor Stephen Allen

Did you miss Stephen Allen’s lecture on June 7th?

Piano Competition Finalists

Announcing Piano Competition Finalists

Costume designer Marie Miller discusses custom dress with Jami Leonard

Sneak peek at ‘A Little Night Music’ costumes


‘Pop-up’? What’s a ‘pop-up’?

Johns 1st rehearsal

Local boys share role of John in Peter Grimes

Opera Meet & Greet (10)

Welcome, opera cast!


“Every year the festival is fresh, creative and offers unexpected marvels.” –Toby Grace, Out in Jersey, 6/27/16

Peter Grimes

“Unquestionably, this Peter Grimes … is worth traveling for.” –David Patrick Stearns, The Inquirer, 6/21/16

“‘This was not just a presentation; it was an experience.” –Elaine Strauss, U.S.1, 6/22/16

“Peter Grimes the opera has rarely shone so brightly.” –Cameron Kelsall, Talkin’ Broadway, 6/20/16

“You don’t have to be an opera aficionado (I’m certainly not) to be profoundly moved by this powerful production.” –Bob Brown, Princeton Packet, 6/23/16

“… the Princeton Festival Orchestra … completely appreciated the dramatic rise and fall, the dynamism, the vivid nautical imagery of this magnificent score.” –John Yohalem, Parterre Box, 6/20/16

“Steven LaCosse’s stage direction … was owned and inhabited by an ensemble cast without a weak link.” –Ross Amico, The Times of Trenton, 6/22/16

“All singers were first rate and completely committed to their performances.” –OperaMetro.com, 6/29/16

“… a very effective and moving production.” –Andrew Moravcsik, Opera Today, 6/27/16


“… sure to put a smile on the face of everyone who’s lucky enough to see it.” –Anthony Stoeckert, Princeton Packet, 6/1516


“ … the sublime voices of the chorus seemed to linger in the air like a polyphonic mist” –Toby Grace, Out In Jersey, 6/9/16